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July 26th, 2015 by Mr. Fisher

Not yet… but we will be there soon!

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July 20th, 2015 by Mr. Fisher

How would you like a whole computer for just $35?

Sounds to be good to be true doesn’t it? But that fact is that the Raspberry Pi computers are an entire computer for just $35. You need to add your own mouse, keyboard and monitor, but a lot of people have those around their house.

Raspberry Pi’s were invented to help teach kids to program computers. Most people know how to run computers, but not very many people know how to actually program them and make them do what they want. This is actually too bad because there are unlimited numbers of cool things that you can do with a little programming knowledge.

We have one Raspberry Pi running in the classroom right now and I’m going to set up at least one more (as soon as I can figure out where to put it….)

There’s a lot of cool stuff on their website and a lot of stuff online that people have done with these little machines. Just Google it up and see some of the cool projects people are doing.


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