To Build a Fire – Day Three

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The third chatroom for To Build a Fire can be found here.

The linoit board for today is here.

This picture has nothing to do with the story, but, while searching for dog pictures, I found this. Crazy….

To Build a Fire Reading – Day Two

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To Build a Fire – Day One Reading

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Here is the chatroom for the first reading of To Build a Fire:

Here is the linoit board with a question for today:

The Monkey’s Paw – Day Two

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Here is the Today’s Meet room for our reading on this second day.

Here is the linoit board for after we have finished reading.

The Monkey’s Paw – Reading One

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Here is the Today’s Meet room for the first reading of the Monkey’s Paw

Here is the linoit bulletin board for you to post a sticky note on after we have finished today’s reading.

Ant Architects

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This is from the “science is cool” file.

Did you ever wonder what the inside of an any hill looks like?

This is what happens when you pour molten aluminum inside of an ant hill.

Absolutely cool.

What Do You Do With Yours?

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Technology is something that we take for granted.

Most of us have good internet connections at home and at school. Many people have access to laptops, desktops, ipdas, tablets and phones.

We are always on, always connected.

But what do we do with that access?

Are we doing something with the connections that we have to the world? Are we using them to be creative, to make new things? Are we connecting with others? Are we learning about new places and new spaces that we couldn’t connect with if we didn’t have access to that technology?

This is an 8 minute video that tells us about a lot of students in a lot of places and what they are doing with their technology. It also slams schools and what a lot of schools allow their students to do with their technology.

What do you think of this? do you have a story to tell about creativity or connection using technology. Leave a comment.

Now that we’re all here….

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We’ve all made it! It’s like the beginning of a journey.

There are around 100 of us all together that have accounts at the Idea Hive. That’s great!

Now, we need to do something with it.

A site like this depends on all of us to build it together. It is a community. It isn’t a place to sit back and watch all of the stuff that others contribute; instead, it’s a place that we can build into what we want it to be.

There are a lot of different things that can happen here. You can:

- Start a group of your own
- Add your thoughts to a group that is already here.
- Write something on your own timeline.
- Add someone as a friend.
- Create something (photos, a Scratch animation, a Youtube video, a drawing and on and on) and share it here with others.

This space is ours. If there is something you’d like to be able to do here that you can’t do, just let us know and we’ll see if we can figure out how to make it happen.

Together, we can make something here that is all our own.

New Connections in the Idea Hive 2013/14

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Today the Idea Hive students in Wingham, Ontario and Snow Lake, Manitoba made their first connection via Skype (and it worked, Mr. Fisher, despite the previous year’s Skype crashes!!). Students on each end volunteered to ask and answer questions posed by each school. We learned about differences in our school populations, after school activities and communities. For example, the Wingham students were shocked/wide-eyed that Mr. Fisher, while being a teacher, is also the mayor, and was hosting the premier of Manitoba, who was arriving by float plane in a few hours. Others wanted to learn more about the fishing and hunting opportunities Snow Lake students have versus in Ontario.

While in previous years, Mr. Fisher has had to put up with many early morning scheduling changes due to snow days and school cancellations in Ontario, I’m sure no one (certainly not me) imagined the 2 hr. bus delay due to fog, that almost disrupted our first connection. Luckily, the buses arrived in time for our pre-planned time of 10:55 est. That bus delay was also a gift as it allowed two of our students, Riley and Jake, to learn the ins and outs of running our internet radio station,, and so the Skype call was broadcasted live with many folks outside our schools listening in.

Today we had a 2 hr. bus delay due to fog, and at the last minute, I decided we should broadcast the first Idea Hive skype call of the year. My grade 8 students, Riley and Jake, who came to school early, were up for the job when I shared my idea. They both are quick learners, and ran the show after learning Nicecast and CentovaCast like seasoned pros. #you’rehired!


Mlle. Riley was a huge part bringing today’s events together – offering her large classroom so all 80+ Madill gr. 8 students could participate in the 1st Idea Hive skype call of the year. Nervous students, laughing students, engaged students. This year’s online classroom community made their first connection.


The program we use to run 105theHive produces a map to show where the listeners are tuning in from around the globe.


Teegan and Nathan answer questions from Clarence Fisher’s gr. 7/8 students in Snow Lake, Manitoba, about life at F.E. Madill, our 7-12 school with a population of 1000 + students. Our students were surprised to learn of the K-12 school, J.H. Kerr, population 150 or so students. Lexi, on the ipad, tweeted out from @105theHive.

Next steps involve getting to know what we have in common with each other. The Idea Hive students will have access to all the survey results and find out what is similar and different about each other.

You can listen into the broadcast here. Making Connections #1

If you’re not sure what the Idea Hive is all about, read Mr. Fisher’s first post here.



Google Sketchup Tutorials

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Google Sketchup is the software that we will be using to design things for our 3D printers.

Overall, it is pretty decent software, but it does take some work to learn how to use it.

Thankfully there are a lot of great video tutorials online to help you through the process of getting moving.

Here’s a good first video to get you moving.

Once you’ve watched that one, there are many more to dig deeper and become more familiar with what is possible using Google Sketchup.